Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening

Natural & Organic Gardening Products for the small backyard gardener to the serious Organic Farmer

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Sunshine® Natural & Organic Potting Mix
The most versatile and popular natural and organic professional mix available.
Manufactured by SunGro Horticulture, Sunshine® #1 Natural & Organic is an OMRI listed blend recommended for the production of a wide variety of container-grown crops, from vegetables to bedding plants and cuttings. It can be used as a potting soil or a seed starting mix. It offers a good balance of sphagnum peat moss and coarse perlite that professional growers rely on year after year. Remember this is a soilless mix and does not contain compost. What we like about it is that it is a very consistent, clean mix that provides growers with the results they expect from a potting soil and seed starting mix.

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All Southern Exposure Seed Exchange seeds are 100% Certified Organic and GMO Free:
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